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It’s spooky Halloween season! Throughout October, The MatchUp will explore spooky themes kicking it off with Dixon and Nick making their cases for the creepiest Old Testament story. Unknown to Dixon and Nick, they both chose stories from the book of Judges. Not only were they from the same book, they were also right next to each other! So, give it a listen and tell us who you think told the most compelling stories. 

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A few years later, most of this rabble had lost whatever convictions drove their violence. Even deluded demagogues renounced their youthful dreams. Once as a dragon he attempted to devour her, holding half of her body in his mouth –


Thank you, Dixon and Nick, for your super creepy stories!


The Rev. Dr. D. Dixon Kinser


Dixon is the Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


The Rev. Nick VanHorn

Associate Rector

Nick is the Director of Youth Ministries at St. Paul's.

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