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Sara and Mark, a married power couple, come on the show together for the first time. For this special Thanksgiving episode, they discuss King David and Abraham, Issac, and Sarah.

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David said to Saul, ‘Who am I and who are my kinsfolk, my father’s family in Israel, that I should be son-in-law to the king?’ -1 Samuel 18:18


Thank you to Sara and Mark for being in this episode.


The Rev. Sara Ardrey-Graves

Associate Rector

Sara is head of Adult Formation.


Dr. Mark Ardrey-Graves

Director of Youth Choirs

Mark directs the Novice Choir and St. Paul's Choristers.

Show Notes

Sarah, Abraham, and Issac

Sarah – Wikipedia

The Binding of Issac – Wikipedia

King David’s Family

King David – Wikipedia

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