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Sara and Lucy take over the podcast as they dive deep into the subject of future saints. For our eleventh episode, we will learn about Simeon Bachos and Verna Dozier.


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“About whom, may I ask you, does the prophet say this, about himself or about someone else?.” – Acts 8


Thank you to Sara and Lucy for being in this episode.


The Rev. Sara Ardrey-Graves

Associate Rector

Sara is head of Adult Formation.


The Rev. Lucy Strandlund

Associate Rector

Lucy is head of pastoral care and liturgy.

Show Notes

Simeon Bachos and Verna Dozier
Season one, episode eleven of the MatchUp at St. Paul’s podcast.

Simeon Bachos

Additional Calendar Commemorations (General Convention of the Episcopal Church 2022)

The Ethiopian Eunuch – Wikipedia


Verna Dozier

From the Episcopal Church.

“I will live by the best I can discern today. Tomorrow I may find out I was wrong. Since I do not live by being right, I am not destroyed by being wrong.” ― Verna J. Dozier, The Dream of God: A Call to Return

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