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hree episodes down! Today we welcome two presenters coming to the podcast for their very first time! The Rev. Lucy Strandlund, Associate Rector for Liturgy and Pastoral Care joins the Rev. Nick VanHorn, Associate Rector for Youth Ministry to make their cases for the best person from the Reformation. 

A few years later, most of this rabble had lost whatever convictions drove their violence. Even deluded demagogues renounced their youthful dreams.

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Let us know how the presenters did! Make sure and vote for Lucy or Nick so we know who told the most compelling story for best person from the Reformation.


The Rev. Lucy Strandlund

Associate Rector for Pastoral Care and Liturgy

Lucy is super cool and rules in the world of liturgy and pastoral care.


The Rev. Nick VanHorn

Associate Rector for Youth Ministry

Nick is Associate Rector for Youth Ministry at St. Paul's.

Show notes are coming soon. If you are ready to vote, you can do so here.

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