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It’s episode four time! This week, we welcome the Rev. Nancy Vaders and the Rev. Lucy Strandlund who will compete to convince you who is the Best Apostle. If you haven’t yet, be sure and listen to Episode Two, The Worst Apostle where we cover Judas and Peter. This week, Nancy gives her case for Thomas (AKA Doubting Thomas) and Lucy covers Mary Magdalene.


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An apostle, in its literal sense, is an emissary, from Ancient Greek ἀπόστολος (apóstolos), literally “one who is sent off.” … In Christianity, the term was used in the New Testament for Jesus’s Twelve Apostles, as well as a wider group of early Christian figures. – Wikipedia


Both Sara and Nancy are back for a second time. This is the first time they have been on an episode together.


The Rev. Nancy Vaders

Director of Outreach Ministries

Nancy is also a Deacon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


The Rev. Lucy Strandlund

Associate Rector

Lucy is an Associate Rector for Pastoral Care and Liturgy.

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