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It’s our very first episode! This week, we welcome the Rev. Dr. D. Dixon Kinser and the Rev. Sara Ardrey-Graves who present their case for the craziest saint. Saint is defined as “a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, likeness, or closeness to God.” It can be a saint recognized by any Christian denomination. Dixon makes the case for Sadu Sundar Singh and Sara pitches Margaret of Antioch. 


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A few years later, most of this rabble had lost whatever convictions drove their violence. Even deluded demagogues renounced their youthful dreams.
Once as a dragon he attempted to devour her, holding half of her body in his mouth –


We are so grateful to have Dixon and Sara on our very first episode!


The Rev. Dr. D. Dixon Kinser


Dixon is the Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.


The Rev. Sara Ardrey-Graves

Associate Rector

Sara is an Associate Rector at St. Paul's.

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